Is there life on other Planets?

We haven't found evidence of life on any other planets yet, but we have only looked at Mars and we haven't looked very thoroughly yet.

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Mars is one of our few neighbouring planets, that orbit around our sun. However there are plenty of other suns and plenty of other planets.

Here is the maths to prove it.

So multiply the stars by the galaxies and divide by number with planets and you get

2000 billion solar systems with planets in the universe.

In 2010 astronomers reported that a new estimate of 1 in 4 solar systems probably have earth-like planets, so there really could be more than 2000 billion potential worlds for us to explore!

Up until just a few years ago that was theoretical but now we are absolutely certain there are plenty of other planets in the universe because we have actually found some. More than 200 planets in other solar systems had been detected by 2010 and they are finding new planets every week.

A big question then is that if there is so much life out there, why can't we hear it when we listen with our radio telescopes? Scientists at SETI have been searching for extra-terrestrial life for over half a century now, but have not yet heard anything that sounds like Aliens.

In the future mankind will almost certainly travel to all the other planets in our own solar system. However the idea of travelling to other suns is (for the present time at least) only possible in the worlds of science fiction. We don't yet have the technology to even consider such a feat. Many scientists believe it will never be possible. However we can send radio signals and maybe one day we will hear some reply.

However, why don't you consider getting out there yourself? You could boldly split infinitives and discover aliens yourself. Ignore the scientists. They are just jealous. First you will need to build a spaceship. It sounds a bit tricky, but I think you are just the sort of person who can do it.


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