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Bandos Island, Maldives Reviewed

Bandos Island Resort has been totally refurbished

Bandos on North Malé Atoll has been given a Maldives makover.

I honestly didn't know what to expect from Bandos or the maldives at all. John had found a late deal and he had coughed up a lot of money based on a single review on the web. So I was a little aprehensive when we flew out from Gatwick with Qatar Airways!



Landing at Male

Oh my God! The airport is just a runway in the ocean. There is nothing but the airport and a couple of huts. Across the water was another island that we were told was the capital of the maldives, but it looked no larger than a village and then there was nothing except sea all around. And it was hot. Very Hot. No really really hot.

We glugged bottled water and waited for our taxi, which was a red seaplane. They really should give you earplugs as the taxi was very noisy, but exciting and within 20 minutes we were diving down to land in the sea next to a tiny island covered in Palm Trees. Welcome to Bandos!

Bandos Island Resort

Well I couldn't quite believe it. Bandos was just like how I had always dreamed a tropical island would be. The sand was perfect, there were no mosquitos, the staff were lovely and John behaved himself all week. We fell in love all over again as the surf crashed onto the beach by our bungalow and birds twittered in the palms above. We had fresh coconut cocktails, made from the fruits that fell from our own trees and swam with dolphns at sunset. Honest!

Maldives Weather

It stayed a constant 30 degrees all week (March) never a cloud in the sky.

Everyone has to try the scuba diving. Second oly to swimming with dolphins was the diving down by the pier and watching a turtle mess around in the corals..

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