Buy property on the Greek Island of Crete

You can afford to buy property for a second home or rental income on the beautiful island of legends.

Prices on Crete for apartments of all sizes are rising. The island is big enough to have the infrastrucure (health services, shopping, entertainiments and civic government) necessary to ensure you can live in comfort. As a result property on Crete is becoming increasingly popular.


According to recent figures, over seven million people from Northern Europe want to but a property in the sun*

Property on Crete

Where to look for property:


Agios Nikolaos, in the east and Chania (or Hania) in the west have already proved popular for people seeking to relocate to the island to find their dream home. The beach to the west of Chania extends for about 20Km passing through Ahhia Marina, Platanias, Gerani and Maleme, all villages popular with holidaymakers, but thankfully not swamped by tourism.

The low hills around Chania look very attractive. Georgiopolis is one town that is rapidly becoming overdeveloped, but in the hills above some lovely properties can be found.

For a more authentic greek experience some people are looking at the villages on the west of the island of Crete, such as Sfinari, Kolymbari. Bali on the other hand is a party town, more reminicient of Blackpool than Greeece or Crete as most people would understand it.

crete villa for sale

The inland villages also have a lot to offer. Omalos in the white mountains of Crete at the head of the Samara national park is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Kournas and Episkopi have wonderful backdrops of mountains behind, and the beach of Georgioupoli to the front. Easy transport links to Chania make these villages worth investigating.

Practicalities of buying Property on Crete

Foreign immigration for EU nationals poses few problems and as long as you master one or two words of greek, friendly locals will do a great deal to make the transition to island life easy for you.

English is spoken by most professionals, but you will need someone fluent in Greek to process the purchace of land or property on your behalf.

Types of Property on Crete

Villas and farmhouses are most popular although there are some great modern apartments being constructed in the major towns of Crete too.

Land Ownership Laws on Crete

The land ownership laws are as stringent and exacting here as in any other european country. You will require a good lawyer who specialises in this sort of work. Do not let your head rule your heart when viewing properties to buy on Crete. Be professional about it to ensure success.

You should get a civil engineer (there are no surveyors or valuers in Crete) to complete an independent survey of the property. Although not able to formally advise you of the property's value, a cicil engineer can to point out potential problems with that particular property.

Ensure the civil engineer compares the original building permit with building that is currently standing. Cretains are reknown for altering the fabric of buildings without permission and such actions by a previous owner might might render you as the current owner liable to fines.

Don't be put off though. If you decide you do want to buy property on the Greek Island of Crete there are plenty of people who have successfully done the same and never regretted it for an instant.

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* - according to "Sun Coast Realty" mailing 2005


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