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Cheap Airline Tickets

Air travel can be an expensive proportion of any holiday, so hunting for cheap airline tickets is definitely worth the effort.

The good news is that the advent of the web has made finding cheap airline tickets a lot less problematic that it used to be.

These days, when looking for bargain air travel we just type phrases such as "cheap airline tickets" into a search engine and the resulting list of airlines, consolidators travel agents and vacation based websites is right there for us.

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However, this is where the problem now lies. There is just too much information. For instance a search for cheap airline tickets on google produces over 33 million results. and once again we feel lost. So we need information from a trusted source and that is where this page about cheap airline tickets comes in.

We now scour the web looking for the cheapest flights and the best ways of getting air travel on a budget.

For instance, if you are a student then the special deals available especially for you mean you can save up to 70 percent of the cost of an international ticket.

For the rest of us looking for cheap airline tickets, we find the budget airlines that are doing their best to bring prices down.

One way to ensure you get a cheap tickt is to be as flexible as possible about flight times and specific airport destinations. There are always last minute deals to be had and the web is almost always 15% cheaper than buying from a high street travel agent.

Another method is to approach an airline consolidator. consolidators buy bulk volumes of tickets from airlines. Most consolidators only sell these tickets to travel agents but if you call at the right time you may well bag yourself a bargain flight.

If you are looking for a long haul bargain, then check on the cost of 'around the world' tickets, which are often a cheaper alternative to return fares to the other side of the earth.

Good online travel availability information can be had from flybe, statravel, and bmibaby in the UK.

United States travellers should look at cheaptickets, hotwire, expedia and adventure airline tickets.

The list of agregators of cheap airline tickets is growing ever longer. Look at:

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