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How to get cheap flights from the USA to Europe

Finding the Best Airfare from America to Europe

Finding a cheap flight to Europe from the US seems to be getting easier by the day. In spring 2007 we saw the emergence of new

Book in Advance for cheap European Flights

Book your flight at least two months in advance especially if you are planning to travel around Christmas. Flights fill up very quickly because they are relatively limited compared to many other world destinations. This is especially the case for African countries with small tourist industries.

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Fly via the East Coast

New York, Boston and Miami are the main hubs for transatlantic flights. Get a cheap city to city flight to those centres and a seperate flight to Europe from there. This can really sae you a lot of money, but beware of missing your connection.

Use European Regional Hubs

This is a great idea. Europe really is very small and most local travel is cheap. London (England), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France), Brussels Belgium and Luxembourg are all within spitting distance of each other. So why fly to London for $1000 when you can fly to Amsterdam for half the price.

Berlin (Germany) is just down the road from Prague (Czech Republic) so again, find the cheaper flight and then travel inside Europe by local transport. Excellent trains everywhere (except England and Poland) mean travel is fast and pleasant. Buying tickets is no problem because they speak English everywhere in Europe (except in France where they refuse on principle)

So just because you are going to one country, don't assume you need to land in that country. Since the Schengen agreement came into force, there aren't even any borders between most countries in mainland Europe any more, so if you hire a car you can drive. There is no speed limit on the German Autobahns which makes the trip more fun too.

Book your cheap european flight online

Don't be frightened of the web. Booking your flight to Europe online will almost always be cheaper than any other method.

Book via a European travel agent. It is often cheaper to go "the wrong way" Try eBookers (below) as they are a fully registered well respected British travel company who offer some amazing flight deals.

Look out for amazing last minute deals.

Expedia pull together all the from the major tour operators. These often offer not only cheap flights but quality discounted accomodation too.

I hope these ideas have helped convince you that thinking laterally can save you lots of money when planning a trip from the USA to Europe.

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