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Cheap international student flights

It has been getting on for a decade since the terrorist attacks on America of 11th September 2001. After that event, the courier service options that had been used by so many students for international travel on a budget were severely curtailed. However, the good news is that courier travel tickets have reappeared and fewer people are looking for them than used to be the case.

Therefore the possibilities for budget travel are still out there if you know where to look and are prepared to be flexible.

Please be aware of changing rules. For example you now have to pay a high Air Passenger Duty when flying long haul out of the UK. For some students it may be advisable to fly to Paris or Amsterdam, switch Air carriers and then continue your flight. Depending on your destination this little travel secret could same more than £100.

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Get an ISIC card. The first step in student budget adventure is to obtain the globally recognised form of ID, the International Student Identity Card. This will entitle you for substantive discounts from many airlines. Also make sure your other forms of ID are up to scratch. Your passport should have at least two years left to run to ensure you get the bargain deal you are looking for.

Non-students who attempt to get cheap student rate air travel should beware. Many countries tightened rules in the early years of the millenium and what was previously just civil offence became a statutory crime. For bona fide students this has been a benefit as there are now fewer people chasing the same cheap tickets.

Travel services like STA in the UK cater to students and are always able to get you the best cost on a particular flight.

Go budget! yes budget airlines offer cheaper tickets han national carriers.

What they might not be so good at is suggesting and providing imaginative alternatives.

For instance, a budget flight from London to Marrakech costs £300, whereas a flight to Malaga(69.00), Bus to Algeciras (£6.00) Ferry to Ceuta(£10.00) and Bus to Marrakech (4.00) costs just £89.00.

OK, so what about the courier tickets. It goes like this. Students take sealed official documents on flights acting as a courier. You MUST do this through a legitimate courier company and must be prepared for thorough airport checks. The return is a flight at an unbelievable bargain price. We are talking anywhere form 60 to 95% off the retail price.


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