Dhiggiri Island

Dhiggiri Island in the Maldives offers visitors the real taste of a Robinson Crusoe Experience

Dhiggiri Island is small. It is 328 yards long and 55 yards wide, and covered in tropical palm trees. There are about 30 rooms nestled between the palms and then there are a number of Water Bungalows built on stilts over the ocean, each with their own private sundeck. We enjoyed the sundeck so much we rarely left it except to go and eat.

The food was good when they tried to be fancy, and mind blowingly brilliant when the chefs kept it simple and local. The fish curry maldive style is in my humble opinion, one of the worlds finest dishes.



Activities on Dhiggiri

Dhiggiri Island has one of the richest house reefs in the maldives. Translated into ordinary english, this means when you pull on a mask and stick your head under water you will be stunned by the quality and quantity of marine life. There are fishes everywhere. And not just little tiddlers either. Bring an underwater camera and spend your week taking photos of this awesome and slightly alien vibrantly colourful environment.

 palm tree beach

Other than snorkeling or scuba diving, there is not much that can be fitted onto an island this small.

Sure, the Italian guests will want you to join in their incessant games of volleyball but other than that, just lay back on the beautiful fine sand and enjoy this perfect little slice of paradise.

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