Ellaidhoo, Maldives - Reviewed

Ellaidhoo island resort is a fantastic divers paradise, but non divers will enjoy other maldive Islands a little more..

Review of Ellaidhoo

Ella is over and above everything else a place to come diving. Regal dives call it one of the finest diving resorts in the Maldives. The house reef is the reason people rave about Ellaidhoo. Easy to get to and so full of life, there is no need to ever get on a boat except when arriving or leaving.

Ellaidhoo sits on the eastern edge of North Ari Atoll, about 40 km from Male’ Airport . Transfer time is roughly 1 hour and a half hours by speedboat.



Underwater, you will find all the great Maldives favourites right there on your doorstep. We really enjoyed swimming with baby sharks and turtles down at the southern end of the island. The Padi team were first rate and eager to show you how to extend your adventures to your best advantage. Take the time to make friends with the dive staff and your scuba experiences will be so much more interesting.

Facilities on Ellaidhoo

Ella is a circular island with a diameter of just 300 metres. This gives the island just about 1km of beach and with a maximum of 188 guests It sometimes feels a little crowded. Also the sand erosion has left some parts of the beach looking a little industrial, with concrete pontoons jutting out onto the reef.

thomas cook

There are 94 bungalows on Ellaidhoo, each facing the sea. The atmosphere is totally chilled. Geccos adorn the walls like jewels, Hermit crabs wander the beach and Mynah birds will come and eat out of your hand if you are patient with them.

Food on Ellaidhoo

Pasta and pizza, pasta and pizza. Thank you the Italians. When you are diving all day you really do need the carbs, so I couldn't complain, but for non-divers the food was a big turn off. The dining room is a bit dark and foreboding which doesn't help matters. If you are looking for gourmet excellence look elsewhere. For that matter, if you are looking for a great maldives brochure experience, go elsewere, but if you want to dive, dive, dive, you cannot come to a better island in the maldives than Ellaidhoo.


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