Eriyadu, Maldives - Reviewed

Eriyadu island offers hot, hot hot days on amazing white sands.

Review of Eriyadu

The beach on Eriyadu is the whitest and smoothest I have ever seen. It completely circles this tiny round island that only holds around 100 guests.

The facilities on Eriyadu

We felt the food was a bit repetitive, but that is the price you pay for being in the middle of the indian ocean, about a million miles from anywhere.



Other than this minor gripe, we totally loved our holiday. We learned to Scuba dive and were amazed by what is under water. It was just like National geographic. Multicolored fish and corals everywhere. We even saw conger ells and stingrays and best of all, big ocean going turtles.

Eriyadu is a fantastic holiday destinaton and the staff were lovely.


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