Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives - Reviewed

Filitheyo offers great all inclusive maldive holiday experience.

Filitheyo is was offered to us by Thomson Holidays staff as the resort where they could guarantee us a good time because one of the girls in the office had only just got back and had had the time of her life. For people who want to skip the review below, the short version is that we had the time of our lives too. It is a great resort.



Review of Filitheyo

Our all-inclusive package includes meals and snacks, bottled water, beer, shorts and soft drinks. We also got a free night fishing excursion where we caught great big red snappers and groupers and some really ugly fish that nobody could name. We ame back and celebrated our catch with peanut butter ice-cream and cocktails.

Facilities on Filitheyo

Facilities are pretty high quality. The whole place is kept spotless by a small (and largely invisible) army of men with brooms. Our rooms were cleaned twice a day and the staff even sculpted our fresh towels into flower and swan shapes. All in all the service was totally brilliant.

There are about 200 rooms on the island which is small. Do not think you will get the opportunity for long walks, because you are never more than a minutes walk to the beach. The one problem a couple of guests complained about was a sense of 'cabin fever' because the place was not big enough for them.


Activities on Filitheyo

The sea offered lots of oppertunities to get away from the island, either on trips or just snorkelling or, most of all scuba diving. I urge you to complete a PADI course in your home country and then go to Filitheyo and be amazed by the reefs. The house reef itself is pretty awesome so you can have good dives here even if you don't enjoy long boat rides to the reefs.

However out away from the island you get the chance for encounters with Rays, Sharks, Turtles and Dolphins. Awseome!

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