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Very Cheap Flights from England to Spain

The web is supposed to make finding travel bargains easier, but sometimes there is just too much information.

The secret of cheap flights to Spain

jet  planeWhether you want to go to Alicante, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Mahon, Malaga Palma or Tenerife, you will want a good value ticket. The secret of finding it is to think flexibly about your departure airport.

When we book at a travel agent or online they always ask where we want to travel FROM as well as where we want to get to. You cannot leave that field blank, so nobody ever checks whether flying from Gatwick is the same cost as flying from Bristol.

Well, I have checked for you and the short answer is that the airlines vary their prices by huge ammounts. And don't think that just because London's airports are the biggest, that that is where the bargains are.

For instance if you live in Reading, Berkshire or anywhere in the M4 corridor the cost of a train to Exeter airport can be as low as £20.00, but the flight might be £80.00 cheaper.

It is just as easy to get to Exeter as it is to get to Gatwick and the airport is a lot more relaxed. In this example a family of four could save over £250 on the flights to Spain simply by switching airports.

Check for bargains at alternative airports.

Of course you don't have to go to the airport yourself. This is where the web really can help you find very cheap flights from England to Spain.

The easiest option is to go to the excel airways website and book their cheapest flights.

I currently recommend excel airways because they consistently seem to always be discounting loads of their tickets. I last checked this in Easter 2007 and will update this page when and if things change, but at present, excel airways is great value for flights to Spain.

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Of course if you have a local airport that they don't fly from (Excel currently fly from Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, East Midlands, Exeter, Glasgow, Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead, Manchester,and Luton) then check which operators work out of that airport.

Very Cheap Flights from England to Spain are definitely out there to be taken, so shop around and find the one that fits your budget.