Hilton Hurghurda, Red Sea, Egypt - Reviewed

An excellent dive school within the beautiful Hilton resort make for a great holiday for divers in Hurghada.

Firstly, if you are not diving, then think very carefully before coming to Hurghada. It really is a place for scuba diving. There is little else to do here except dive or swim.

Hurghada facilities

The resort is on the edge of the Egyptian desert and there are no ancient monuments or cultural sites round these parts. if you want to 'do egypt' then you would be better off going to Aswan, Luxor or Cairo on the Nile. Similarly, if you only want snorkeling, then Dahab or some parts of Sharm have better house reefs close to shore. However, for a divers holiday Hurghada is a great and often fantastic value option and the Hilton is cretainly amongst the creme de la creme of hotels in Hurghada.



The whole of the Hilton Hurghada is kept spotless and the room service in particular is worth mentioning. These guys are the unsung heroes of the resort. The rooms were so well looked after. You will also be pleased to hear that all rooms at the Hilton in Hurghada have SERIOUS air con which is needed pretty much throughout the entire year.

Some of the rooms are in a seperate block at the other end of the resort from the sea. The walk back from breakfast can be enough to seriously burn yourself is you haven't applied enough sun protection. You may be in a Hilton hotel, but you are also in an African desert.

Food at the Hilton Hurghada

The food is great buffet fayre and hilton breakfasts should not be missed because you can choose from dozens of styles. Then I suggest you wait a half hour to let it all digest and then get yourself down to the waterside and go scuba diving.

Diving in the Red Sea

lionfish from hurghadaEgypt's Ras Mohammed marine park is a national treasure and the Egyptians have finally understood its importance to their economy and national pride. Divers are strictly controlled and the coral looks fabulous. The fish are abundant and photo opportunities are legion.

Once you return to the hilton resort, the pool bar can be recommended (it was my favourite haunt) as can sipping gin and tonic on the verandah watching the sun set over the desert. This produced spectacular colours, turning the dusty orange rocks the colour of blood which gave the red sea its name.

Room service at the Hilton Hurghada

With the room cleaners creating amazing sculptures from freshly laundered towels and a real can do spirit from all the hilton staff, we really thought our vacation at the Hilton in Hurghada was first class.


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