Holiday Island, Island Resort, Maldives - Reviewed

Holiday Island is a four star resort on the South Ari Atoll, about half an hour from Male International Airport by Seaplane.

Review of Holiday Island, Maldives

Firstly take your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes. There will be little need to put them back on for the entire length of your holiday, except for when you are on a boat ride, when the decks can be a bit slippy.



After a welcome drink you will be directed to your luxury beach-front guest room and if you are like we were, will crash out for a few hours (the ten hour flight from London is a bit of a killer) before heading out to explore holiday island.

The island is set in a big lagoon and the coral reefs are too far to swim to. Thankfully there are four boat trips a day to the reef edge laid on for guests. In the lagoon you can safely try sailing, windsurfing, jet skis and even parasailing.

The food we ate was always of a very high standard.. The fish was all caught locally and tasted fantastic.

Don't miss the night fishing expedition. Everyone on board landed enourmous snappers as soon as the sun went down. it was a thrilling evening. The sea around the maldives is teeming with big fish and so anyone new to fishing should try it here.

maldivesThe rest of the time is for relaxing with a capital R. The beach which rings the island is pretty perfect apart from one small corner of erosion, but that is a minor point. All in all the holiday island was a fantastic vacation venue. We will be coming back to the maldives again and if the price is right, then holiday island is definitely worth returning to.


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