Huvafen Fushi, Maldives - Reviewed

Huvafen Fushi is just a speedboat ride away from the Maldives one and only airport.

But the luxury island of Huvafen Fushi might as well be a million miles from anywhere. This is the perfect spot to unwind. Seven nights at Huvafen Fushi costs us over £2,000 each because we stayed in the one of the eight luxurious Beach Bungalows with their own plunge pools.



We flew from Heathrow and landed at Male. Then took a fantastically exhillerating speedboat ride to Huvafen Fushi where we stood open mouthed in wonder. It really was a resort beyond our wildest dreams.

Design was impeccable, service was perfection and the island itself was utterly enchanting.

This was beyond five stars in my opinion and we will go back as soon as we can convince the bank manager that it is a necessity. You may want to leave your shoes at the airport, since you really wont need them on the island.

Huvafen Fushi only opened in July 2004 so everything is nice and new. We liked the fact that they had plasma-screen TVs and Bose music systems. It is touches like that that make a maldives vacation so special. Huvafen Fushi is highly recommended.



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