Kuramathi Island, Maldives

In September 2005 we decided on the Maldives for our holiday. We took at 10 hour flight from Gatwick to Male and then a one and a half hour boat ride to Kuramathi.

Kuramathi Village is one of three resorts on this 1km long island. Apparently this is big in comparison to some islands in the Maldives!.



Review of Kuramathi

The welcome was lovely and they gave us cold drinks and towels to relax us after the LONG journey. We slept for a few hours and then got up to explore our island which sits just off the North Alif Atoll. Everything is hidden down narrow sandy paths which wind through Banyan trees and coconut palms so getting an impression of the whole island is difficult. Despite the small size got hopelessly lost. Every few minutes we walked out onto a spectacular sunset over an azure beach and the finest white sands I have ever encountered. It was truly magnificent but we were disoriented and didn't appreciate it fully. This proved not to be a problem because every sunset for the next two weeks would prove equally spectacular. In the end we flagged down a little golf buggy who'se driver took us back to the welcome centre. From there we found maps to orient ourselves.

Facilities at Kuramathi Village

This is listed as 4 star, but I think 5 stars are nearer the mark. Kuramathi Village has four restaurants each serving top class simple cuisine with a surprising quantity of fresh ingredients for the Maldives which have no space for agriculture on any scale worth noting. We were also free to try out the food at the two other resorts on the island, the Cottage Club and Blue Lagoon.

Having chosen the all inclusive option we could eat and drink without worrying about bills and this gave us a great sense of freedom.

Our standard room had cane furniture, its own veanda and sea view plus a bathroom that was half indeoors and half out. All of it very clean and tidy with everything working perfectly.

Swimming was very safe within the reef, but with stingrays and baby white-tipped reef sharks on the sandy floor we wore diving shoes whenever we walked in the water.

There is a full range of entertainments, disco, local dance troups and so on to keep you entertained in the evening and the friends we made on Kuramathi have kept in touch.

All in all this was one of the best holidays we ever went on. Kuramath is a fantastic resort.



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