Kuredu, Maldives - Reviewed

To get to Kuredu Island Resort Maldives takes a long time, but it is worth it.

If you can afford the upgrade to better aeroplane seating, pay it! Once you arrive, hot and jet lagged at Hulhule international airport you still face a 40 minute taxi ride. Your taxi to Kuredu will be cramped, noisy, will have two wings, two big engines and will fly at a couple of thousand feet above sea level. It is quite a ride and may be remembered as a highlight of your holiday on Kuredu.



Kuredu Island

kuredu island resort maldives

Kuredu Island Resort is part of the Lhaviyani Atoll, to the north of the big Male Atoll. From the air, Kuredu island resort maldives is a tiny island of dense jungle surrounded by perfectly white beaches in a beautiful ocean of blue.

Staying on Kuredu

"Astounding Aquamarine" is the best description of the crystal clear blue waters of Kuredu that we could come up with. The first evening sipping cocktails around the pool had evolved into a drunken conversation to find the best superlative to describe the sea, the sand, the moonlight and so on. To be honest, nothing we could think of and nothing I write will come close to the experience. Kuredu is pretty close to utter paradise.

kuredu panorama

Dining on kuredu island resort maldives

If you want my advice then I suggest you choose the all inclusive option. The food is great and you will end up spending more if you try the pay as you go option. There is not much to do in the evenings except partying and so a free bar (the key benefit of all inclusive) is wonderful. Bottled water on Kuredu is also free when you go all-inclusive and in the heat you need lots of it.

Activities at the Kuredu island resort maldives

The Sangu Restaurant is a good place to undo the good work you might do in the gym, floodlight tennis court or swimming pool. The pool is surrounded by wooden decking and is a great spot to relax beneath umbrellas. Sadly you are not allowed to use the pool after sunset. The sea however is open at all times and never more than 30 seconds walk away.

kuredu beachSwimming was very safe within Kuredu's lagoon, but beyond the reef to the north there were some wicked currents. All the details were well explained to us at the welcome briefing, so don't miss that.

Overall, during the day on Kuredu there is a lot to do for such a small island and few people will feel any sense of cabin fever. However, if you do start to feel a little 'enclosed' get yourself on one of the daily excursions to other islands or on one of the fishing trips that leave Kuredu late afternoon in preparation for a little night fishing..

Actually night fishing is one of the highlights of kuredu island resort.The water around the Maldives has some amazing fish and everything that gets caught gets eaten. The fishermen were very ecologically minded and were eager to explain the environmental issues faced by the Maldives.

Above all, while you are on Kuredu, relax, lie back, sip a cocktail and think of a better way to describe the view.

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