Kurumba Maldives

When I read that Kurumba offered the widest choice in dining in the Maldives, with six restaurants and two bars I decided that this was the five star maldives resort for me.



Review of Kurumba

An amazing sandy beach rings the island of Kurumba, with coconut groves and tropical orchid gardens. This island truly is 48 acres of utter paradise. The focus of this resort is five star luxury and they have been remarkably successful in achieving their aims.

Facilities on Kurumba

Facilities on Kurumba are of a full five star standard following a major rebuild in 2003. In-room dining is available 24 hours a day. However since there are only about a hundred other guests on this large (for the maldives) island, there is no reason to shy away from fellow guests.

turtle in the maldives

Hawksbill Turtle - Maldives

Eating at Kurumba Resort

So, back now to my favourite topic; the food on Kurumba. Firstly the ocean side bar and a grill is a delight because the deck juts out over the ocean. When they turn the lights on at night, fish flock to the area, making evening dinners magical. The main Restaurant serve French, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Lebanese and Chinese cuisines. You sometimes worry that diversity is indirectly proportional to excellence, but not on Kurumba. The food was quite simply astounding.

The beach bar also has a water deck, but also the additional delights of live music most evenings.

Kurumba's wildlife

Most visitors take a leaf out of the turtle's book and spend all their time relaxing. However a bit of exploring to see the wildlife can be very rewarding.

Bats, lizards, birds, insects, flowers, palms all vie for your attention on Kurumba. Look out for the amazing ghekkos that have what appear to be suction pads on their toes, clabering up smooth surfaces to keep the place free of insects. They really are a great friend to the tourist industry and are treated as honoured guests when they come into a room.

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