Laguna, South Male Atoll, Maldives - Reviewed

All of the rooms on Laguna maldives are equipped with IDD Phones, mini fridge, Tea/Coffee making facilities, piped in music, Hot and Cold Water, Hair Dryer & Beach Towels and Room Service, but frankly who cares when all the action is otdoors.



Laguna Island is on North Male Atoll so it is a half hour by speedboat from the airport.

What to do on Laguna

Do what we did, relax. We arrived at Laguna maldiveson a Saturday and by Sunday afternoon had reached Maldives speed, which hovers between dead slow and stop. There is nothing half so fine as doing nothing but watch the sun go down over perfect sea after a day of lounging around in the tropical sun.

After a day or two you might think... "well a little dip in the sea then" and you put on your goggles and beneath the tranquil surface a whole new world of energy, excitement, beauty and danger opens up to you. Swimming was actually very safe within the Laguna lagoon, but beyond the reef you can find some wicked currents.

Alongside the daily excursions to other islands or the fishing trips the real action is diving. We loved the colours and abundance of life down there. We also looked fabulous in the rented wetsuits. The staff on Laguna were fantastic and the instruction first rate.

In the evenings, we got back to the serious Laguna Maldives business of lounging around in the tropical heat doing not that much... And we treasured every single second of it.

We can heartily reccomend a holiday on Laguna maldives and are sure your visit will be just as wonderful as ours has been. Get yourselves a couple of tickets to Laguna maldives today!

The weather on Laguna maldives is excellent through most of the year. When it goes above 40 degrees it can be a bit too much for some people.

The people of Laguna maldives were all staff and were a mix of people from the maldives and also sri lanka.


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