The village of Lindos, Rhodes, Greece

The most dazzling place to visit on this rightly famous greek island

Lindos is a well established tourist hotspot for all the right reasons. It is exceptionally pretty, has an amazing climate, a fantastic beach and a magnificent hilltop Acropolis that is one of the most spectacular things most visitors will ever encounter.


Lindos is located on the south east coast of the island of Rhodes about 50Km drive from Rhodes Town, the capital city of the island.


Lindos is much older than the capital. In fact the people of Lindos paid one third of the cost of construction of Rhodes town back when it was a newly planned development in 408BC. The rest of the money came from the towns of Ialyssos, and Kamiros both of which exist now only as ruins. However, Lindos continues to prosper after more than 3000 years of habitation. Recognition of the unique qualities of Lindos has been given in the awarding of UNESCO world heritage site status.

lindos accropolis rhodes

The Weather in Lindos

Visitors should note that Lindos is invariably 5 degrees warmer than the temperatures given in brochures and web sites for Rhodes Town. This gives Lindos an advantage at the end of the holiday season where beach life can continue for a few extra weeks, but in heatwaves, visitors to Lindos may suffer more than elsewhere on Rhodes.

The beach at Lindos

The fantastic safe, gentle sandy beach gave Lindos the nickname the "St. Tropez of Greece". There is a small popular taverna on the beach selling standard beach fayre, and a small shop for extra suntan lotion, inflatable etc. From the beach a steep climb on roads closed to all traffic except donkeys leads you into a maze like warren of white stuccoed streets where hundreds of restaurants, tavernas shops and stalls, vie for the attention of visitors. Local glassware is particularly sought after, alongside lace and linen wares. Lindos is not an easy village for people with walking disabilities unless they are comfortable riding donkeys.

Staying in Lindos

There are no large hotels in the old town, but plenty of small family run accommodation is available. There is a tourist agency at the town entrance where you will be able to find the accommodation to suit your needs and budget.

When staying in Lindos, don't forget to take a bus or taxi and visit Rhodes Old Town.

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