Lohifushi, Maldives - Reviewed

Lohifushi Island Resort is a great island for a relaxing holiday. We visited before the Tsunami of December 2004 but understand that the resort is completely recovered.

Lohifushi is on North Malé Atoll. It takes about 30 minutes by speedboat or 1.5 hours by dhoni (fishing boat/ferry) to get here from the airport at Male, the capital of the Maldives.

Review of Lohifushi

lohifushi resortLohifushi is popular with surfers and divers and above all honeymooners coming to the Maldives for romance. The atmosphere amongst the guests was relaxed and friendly. There was no trouble of any sort on Lohifushi while we were there.

Facilities on Lohifushi

Facilities are of a good to high standard for the maldives. Lohifushi Island Resort is roughly equivalent 4 stars in the UK. Facilities included 2 great restaurants, a decent sized swimming pool, the Lohifushi open air bar (very good) and an indoor sports center and gym.



There are 130 bungalows on Lohifushi, each facing the sea around the western edge of the island. The traditional open-air bathrooms feature hot and cold showers (although they are open air, they are private and nobody can see you). All rooms have a private bathroom, Hot & Cold Water, A safe in the room, big ceiling fans a Mini Bar, Direct Dial Telephone and a little private garden.

Maldives Weather

It is tropical and hot, but because there is no standing fresh water, there is no appreciable mosquito problem to speak of. Everyone on Lohifushi island can sit out all night and never get bitten by anything. During the day, sun protection is a necessity. It averages around 30 degrees all year round with only slight seasonal variation. However, there are definite seasons in terms of rainfall. You should be aware that during the monsoon season, the maldives can be rained on for days on end.

Lohifushi Activities

For sports there is a well equipped gym, table tennis and a swimming pool on Lohifushi. You can also learn Carrom a great board game played very competitively by the locals.

The east end of the island is left in an untouched state, allowing you to explore the mangrove's wildlife. We liked this touch which allowed us to spend some time looking at the wildlife of the Maldives. Lots of gekkos and bats.

The Maldives staff were all brilliant and were perfect hosts at all times.

By the third day we had explored every nook and cranny of the island and decided to take a fishing trip. This was great fun and gave us our first opportunity to chat to people other than holidaymakers. The fishermen were very kind and attentive and eager to tell us about their nation. They said the maldives had a troubled political past with coups and all sorts but recently things had been good. This only made hearing about the tsunami on our return all the more poigniant.

Snorkelling and Scuba diving were the main daytime activites for most people. There is a wonderful house reef at Lohifushi which is teeming with tropical fish.


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