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Luxury Villas from around the world.

luxury villas

Look no further for private villa and island rentals around the world.


Firstly, please be aware that not all villas are beachfront luxury villas. in fact, beachfront accomodation is the exception rather than the rule. Many owners of luxury villas built their houses as escapes from the rat race, so a large number of villas are hidden away in secluded growes or high on hillsides overlooking fantastic views. Having said that there are many beachfront properties that could legitimately be described as luxury villas. Island chains such as the Carribean, Seychelles and the Maldives are where you will find plenty of these.

Luxury Villas in Spain

The south of Spain and in particular the costal regions such as the Costa Brava and Costa Blanca are where you can find some truly excellent holiday villas at prices which will amaze you.

villa in spain

In the hills close to Valencia you can hire a 3 bedroom villa with private pool such as the one pictured above in a comumidad (a small village) with views over the Jucar valley for as little as 200 euros per week if you go in September. Of course in August, the prices are considerably more, particularly during the festivals such as the 'tomatina' in the town of Bunol which is definitely worth attending. Indeed, like all holidays in Spain, it is worth researching when the local fiestas are held and planning your break around them if you can. Almost every town and village has a festival once a year. Some like the Valencian Fellas are massive affairs attracting hundreds of thousands of people, while others are small simple street parties. But in all cases you will be warmly welcomed to join in, try the local delicacies and party late into the night.

A good idea is to look for luxury villas is Spain at Easter (Easter dates) which is when all the churches put on their most lavish festas. The weather in Spring in southern Spain averages around 15 degrees but if you are lucky it can soar far higher so you can enjoy the festivals and also get nicely tanned.

Luxury Villas in Africa

Moroccan Villas are called Riads. These are square buildings concealing a central, intricately tiled atrium around which all rooms are arranged. This configuration provides a wonderful cooling effect, keeping your luxury Riad cool in the hottest of summers. They are actually developed from the design of traditional Ancient Roman Villas so by choosing a Riad you are tuning into the lifestyle of the Ceasers. Moroccan locations popular with visitors are the cities of Fez, Marrakech, Cassablanca and Tangiers, as well as the costal resort of Essaouira. Recently, the more adventurous are heading to the luxury villas that can be found in the blue painted village of Chefchaouen in the Kif mountains.

Luxury Villas in the Caribbean

Close to mainland USA, The Caribbean is awash with luxury villas, but the term has been somewhat spoilt by operators misusing the word luxury. Some are distinctly substandard, so please do ensure you find yours through a trusted operator or from a personal recommendation. These islands all feature at least one decent luxury villa. Be aware that many luxury villas in the Carribean require a minimum week long stay in low season and a minimum 7 day stay in high season.

Many large Villas offer accomodation for Weddings.
Some Villas can handle up to 100 people, although most of the larger carribean villa rentals offer 8 to 10 bedrooms in beachfront villas with the essential swimming pool of course.

Luxury Villas in Central America

Belize Villas
Costa Rica Villas
Castle Tropicale

Luxury Villas in Mexico

Acapulco Villas
Akumal Villas
Cancun Villas
Guanajuato Villas
Ixtapa Villas
Playa del Carmen Villas

Luxury Villas in Europe

From Chocolate box fairytale castle in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Soviet era Luxury Dachas the opportunities for Luxurious accommodation in Europe are legion.

Luxury Villa in FranceLuxury Villas in France

Southern France, and in particular the Cote d'Azur around Nice, Monte Carlo and Cannes is the home of the classic Mediterranean cliff top villa. There are hundreds of fantastic properties available for anything between a weekend and a whole season. You will find the most luxurious facilities, the most tasteful ornamentation and the most delicious food. The one problem for fashion followers is that areas fall in and out of favor and what was an 'in' villa destination one year can become passe the next. For those who don't care about such nonsense this means that while the availability of Luxury Villas in some resorts may be tight, you will find plenty of options in the next town along the coast.

Luxury villas in Germany

In the far north, Germany has a small number of excellent beaches on both the baltic and north sea coasts. In the north Sea, the island of Sylt does have some lovely accomodation, but this is a quiet island (reached by a causeway) at night with little to do. On the other side of the State of Schleswig Holstein, there are more beaches although these are a little lower market so there are fewer luxury Villas for rent. Having said that, take a look at Fehman Island. Further east, Rugen has some lovely new developments too.

However, away from the coast it is undobtedly southern Germany where the greatest number of luxury villas can be found. The bavarian Alps are wonderful and full of delightful wooden buildings in that 'chocolate box' style that so appeals.

Luxury Villas in the UK

England Wales and Scotland all have wonderful accomodation and due to current exchange rates, visitors abroad are finding five star bargains to make true luxury a very affordable commodity at present. Our tip is to ignore the South East. Instead head for the west country (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Gloustershire and Wiltshire) Wales (the gower peninsula and the mountains of Snowdonia), Scotland (anywhere is good)

Italian Villas

Around lake Lake Como in Lombardy are some of Europe's finest luxury villas. Many date from the 18th Century and were summer homes for Roman gentry escaping the capital's midsummer heat. As a result a decadent air of lazy opulence pervades. In short the Villas of Lombardy are a very classy destination. In addition, you will find excellent 5 star luxury villas in the italian regions of Amalfi, Tuscany, Chianti, Ischia, and Positano near Naples.

The UK equivalent of a Villa is a Country House and there are some absolute gems where you can play lord of the manor or king of the castle to your hearts desire. You will find ancient rooms, sweeping vistas and attentive but discreet uniformed staff who can provide you with the authentic experience of what life is like for the British nobility. No one area of the Kingdom is better than others, but there are definitely differences of atmosphere. In the South of England the appeal is 'Roses round the door' whereas the mountains of Scotland offer windswept natural majesty. The welsh hills are also worth visiting with some lovely smaller family seats (fewer that 12 bedrooms) decorated as they were kept in the 1930's available all year round.

Luxury Villas in Mallorca

We sometimes are too quick to dismiss the Spanish balearic islands as somewhat downmarket. The truth is that most of Mallorca (or is it Majorca?) is exquisite and high class five star accomodation on the island is rather splendid.

Luxury Villas in the USA

Beverly Hills, CA is one of the most expensive places to rent temprary high quality accomodation, closely followed by Malibu Villas and Palm Springs, California. Here are more spots where you can rent luxury villas in America

Sacramento, CA
Aspen Villas, CO
Peach Island, GA
Booth Bay Island, Maine
MGM Mansion, NV
Las Vegas Villas, NV
Kiawah Island, SC
Boca Raton, FL
Cape Coral I, FL
Captiva I, FL
Captiva II, FL
Florida Keys
Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Miami, FL
Palm Beach, FL
Hawaii Villas
Big Island Villas
Kauai Villas
Maui Villas
Oahu Villas

Luxury Villas in South Pacific

Bali Villas
Fiji Villas

Luxury Villas in the Indian Ocean

The Maldives are very much home to luxury accomodation that will blow your mind. The wonderful inside outside bathrooms are a particularly good idea for places where the temperature hovers around 80 degrees for almost all of the year. Dhoni Mighili is a famous maldive resort with great luxury accomodation including water bungalows.

Luxury Villas in the Middle East

Dubai has the world's most modern, purpose built sleek chic villas. However, we suggest you avoid the height of summer when it really does get too hot for all but the most avid sun worshipper. Of course all the villas in the middle east come with air conditioning, although the contents of the mini bar accords with local custom and practice.

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