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A Free Map of the Maldive Islands

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This printable map of the maldive atols was created by Chris Brown and is absolutely free for anyone to use in any non-commercial project.

The map shows the major maldives atols. Atols are coral islands that grow in shallow tropical waters.

If you wish to use this maldive map on your website, please take a copy and load it on your own server. Please include the words "Maldive Map by Chris Brown" and include a link back to this page.

The Maldives are famous as a great vacation venue. The Maldive Islands sit close to the equator, south west of Sri Lanka. This island nation in the Indian Ocean is an Islamic republic. The maldives were a British protectorate until 1965. Tourism is the mainstay of the economy. Global warming presents a seious risk to the maldives as they are so low lying, parely rising a few feet above sea level.

Paradise Island is always recomended highly in every review we have read.

Meedhupparu and Lohifushi islands are tourist resorts recommended on real vacation reviews.

Bandos and Baros are very nice too


Thank you for taking a look at our maldive map.

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