Meedhupparu island photographs

Meedhupparu pathway

The paths to the bungalows on Meedhupparu all looked like this. It is a sand island and there is no tarmac, just lovely soft sand to walk on.

Meedhupparu beach

Meedhupparu is classically beautiful from every angle. This is a view at the end of the island of meedhupparu.

Meedhupparu boat

The fishing boat in front of beach chalets. In fact the one we stayed in is just behind the bow. Below the water are large boulders that are a great hiding place for fishes.



.Meedhupparu sunset

A beautiful sunset with approaching storm that cooled us down later that evening. To be frank, this picture doesn't do justice to the amazing sunsets we saw.

meedhupparu jetty

The jetty on Meedhupparu

island end jetty

You are looking at more than half the island of meedhupparu in these two photos. It really is very small.

meedhupparu swimming pool

Meedhupparu's swimming pool with swim up bar. There are three barstools submerged in the pool.


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