Paradise Island, Maldives - Reviewed

Paradise Island is unlike other Maldive resorts.

Review of Paradise Island

It takes just 15 minutes to get to Paradise from Male Airport in the Maldives. This is an exhilarating speedboat ride which takes you into a large blue lagoon where you are welcomed by very pleasant staff. The boat ride gives you just a taster of the delights that are instore.



Facilities on Paradise Island

Paradise Island is five star accommodation in the truest sense of the term, with a full range of modern facilities to fullfil your wants. Some visitors may feel that the twenty first century intrudes a bit too much, but we realise most holiday makers will appreciate all the modern conveniances. The only bit of Paradise we didn't bother exploring was the gym, because with the beach and sea for exercising in we couldn't really see the point of going indoors to run on a treadmill or get nowhere fast on a exercise bike.

The island runs north to south for just under a kilometer and is about the width of two football pitches. Boats come right in to the island at the southern end so you will find your arrival to be a very civilized affair.

Once landed the rooms are high luxury, each having a sea view. Make sure you are not put in the most southerly bungalow since the current here is strong and not too safe for swimmers. Everywhere else it is as calm as a pond. There are 40 water bungalows on a long jetty on the eastern side of the island and these are even more luxurious than the rest.

The staff were all perfect hosts at all times. The catering was fantastic, with good food in the main restaurant, great snacks in the sunrise restaurant and exceptionally good noodles at the japanese restaurant.

We took the time to get to know the staff, many of whom were locals and were rewarded with lots of tips that made our stay even more special. We also discovered that the island is actually called Lankanfinolhu which was a useful ice breaker when on a day trip to Male, since nobody knew that the rest of the world was now calling their local island 'paradise'.

One funny thing was that on paradise island we all sloped around with very little on, but there were fully suited businessmen turning up each day to use the conference facilities. Therefore, as I said it is not an 'untouched 'spot, but for a classy holiday in a beautiful location paradise is hard to beat.

Talking to other guests we found out that some had got the same holiday as us at unbelievable discounts by booking online, but we forgot to write down which web site i'm afraid. Thomas Cook Holidays is one of the opperators flying people to paradise island in the maldives.

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