The Perfect Beach

Discover The Perfect Beach

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We all want to experience the perfect beach. We have all daydreamed about lying on that stretch of paradise with nothing to do except enjoy the moment. To a great extent the perfect beach is a place of dreams. All too often we find what looks like the perfect beach in a travel brochure, but when we get there, the reality and the fantasy are almost always miles apart.

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However, there are a few places where you still can really find the perfect beach. White sand, tropical palms, clean ocean waters, and blissful silence apart from the lapping of the waters on the shore. There really are beaches like this all over the world. The problem for most people is finding them.

Where can you find the Perfect Beach?

You have to look at the tropics. Although there are wonderful beaches in Iceland, Norway, and even Siberia, the weather only allows for fleeting moments of perfection and those are best left to the local fishermen to enjoy. If you want the perfect beach, you really do have to go somewhere hot. Here are the areas we chose to begin our search for the perfect beach.

The Carribean Islands such as antigua and are famous for their excellent beaches

The Maldives Stunning Coral Reef in the Indian Ocean

The Seychelles A series of spectacular islands

Mauritius A jewel off the African Coast.

More perfect beaches

The Indian Ocean has more than its fair share of beaches that have been described as perfect. Alongside the Maldives, the Andaman Islands and The Laccadive Islands are both considered to have some of the world's best beaches.
Micronesia and Fiji are the best of the Pacific, while Mexico’s Yucatan coast has some of the finest beaches in the Americas.

Strangely in the far north of europe there are some amazing beaches with the softest sand, cleanest waters and most beautiful settings imaginable. However the wind and weather mean that perhaps only for one week of the year do these scottish, icelandic and norwegian reach the heights of perfection. For most of the time they are cold and damp.

We found our perfect beach on Meedhupparu. Good luck finding yours.