Property for sale in Mykonos Greece

You too can live on a beautiful greek island!

Mykonos is considered by many Greeks to be their most cosmoplitan island and wealthy Athenians have built lovely properties here where they can escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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According to recent figures, over seven million people from Northern Europe want to buy a property in the sun. The recent financial shockwaves in Europe may well mean many need to put their ideas on hold. Developers are responding to this by sharply lowering their prices. As a result this may be the perfect time to buy your Greek Island getaway home.

myknos ancient windmillWhere is Mykonos?

As one of the Cyclades Islands, Mykonos (also written as myknos) is located in the Aegean between Greece and Turkey. This spot has a climate perfectly suited for anybody.

Mykonos is famed for its windmills dotting a rocky landscape and above all its totally incredibly wonderful beaches. The amenities are of a higher standard than on many islands so if you are thinking of moving here you need not worry that you will have to leave the creature comforts of home behind.

Property on Mykonos

The cost of villas has risen significantly in recent years but there are still many bargains to be had. The islands authorities are welcome of foreign immigration and the charming and always friendly locals will do a great deal to make the transition to island life as painless as possible. 

Where to buy on Mykonos

Resorts which are becoming popular for visitors to buy property in include Mykonos Town, Korfos and Tagou. Of course many people want to buy property close to the beach. Platis Yialos beach is the most popular beach on the island with a large golden sandy beach and clear water. Lots of hotels, restaurants and water sports plus regular local boats to other beaches on the south coast.

Plindri, or super paradise, it is a fantastic beach with clear blue crystal waters. However some people may be put off to learn that it is currently is one of the most popular gay beaches in the Mediterranean. In practice this means the mood is relaxed and trouble free.

Paranga Beach is a personal favourite. It is actually two beaches separated by a headland. The northern side is always lively and the southern side of the beach is always more peaceful so you can have the best of both worlds.

How to buy property on Mykonos

When buying property on a Greek Island or mainland Greece, it is best to be as professional and cold-hearted about it as possible. The land ownership laws are as stringent and exacting here as in any other European country, so don't believe anyone who tells you a simple handshake is all that is required.

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