Property for sale on Rhodes, Greece

Discover a new home on this beautiful greek island

Rhodes is a large Greek Island, in the southern Medditeranian. This location gives the Island of Rhodes some of the most sought after weather in Europe. Long hot and sunny summers give way to warm autumns and very mild winters. Rhodes is a favourite holiday island for Europeans and increasingly people are buying property here. The buses on Rhodes are cheap and cheerful and they generally run on time, but most incomers will bring cars. Importing a car to Rhodes is a large additional expense you should budget for if you are planning on moving here.

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Where is Rhodes?

Rhodes is the furthest south of the dodecanese islands, close to the Turkish mainland.

Property on Rhodes

rhodes coinIt is not just the long summer season and the sandy beaches that attract visitors to Rhodes, but also the amazing medieval city of Rhodes itself, so the range of properties is quite remarkable. From beach huts to modern apartments, hillside villas to city terraces, the island has it all.

Types of Property on Rhodes

Villas, town houses, chalets, old buildings and apartments are all options.

Where to buy on Rhodes

The simple answer is anywhere. A more considered response is that it depends what sort of a lifestyle you are after. The south is hotter, sunnier and has better roads. The far east of the island, around Rhodes town is more populous and has more amenities. The far west is remote but picturesque. The beach resorts have different characters, from sleepy Haraki to wild Falaraki.

Here are some of the most popular spots for buying property on Rhodes:

How to buy property on the Greek island of Rhodes

When buying property anywhere in Greece you must seek good professional advice. The land ownership laws are stringent and exacting here. Often many people have competing 'rights' over land, even if they are not the direct owner, so a professional local solicitor is a necessity.

If you are thinking about buying land and building anew property on Rhodes, then a whole new set of rules and regulations come into play. For example, in some parts of the island, but not others, property tax (rates) becomes payable once the roof is in place, hence many buildings are kept in an apparently unroofed state to avaoid that particular tax. We would strongly avdvise you seek professional help in planning to purchase land and build on Rhodes.


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