Rangali, Maldives - Reviewed

Hilton five star resort on a perfect Maldive Island delivers on the promises made in the brochure.

rangali bungalowThe flight from London is a grueling 10 hours. After arriving in Male there is still a transfer across the airport by bus and a half hour wait for a half hour flight in a twin engined otter seaplane to take you to Alif (Ari) atoll and Rangali Island. Trust me, you will feel shattered, particularly if you forget to pick up the free earplugs before boarding the seaplane.



Rangali Review

maldivesThe island is a real tropical dream. No mosquitoes or any worrisome wildlife to bother you. Just dreamlike sandy beaches and coconut palms covering a pearl of an island set in a shimmering azure ocean. Get anybody to talk about the maldives and we all start to sound like travel brochures, but for good reason. Rangali really is something akin to paradise. We hear this is just one of many Hilton Maldives Holidays available, but I cannot believe the Hilton group have anywhere finer for someone to stay in.

Facilities on Rangali

This is everything you would expect from a Hilton resort. With just 79 villas there is never a scrum of people. Even at the breakfast buffet the pace remains leisurely. The food was exceptional all week and the staff never put a foot wrong.

This being a new resort, all the facilities were new and exceedingly clean. The wooden walkway between Rangali and Ranglifinolhu was a delight, especially at night when the small lights attracted a whole different range of fish to come out and be seen.

Activities on Rangali

Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa Rangali Island offered the following facilities:

Top Tip: Dont miss the Hilton Rangali's underwater restaurant! This is a great evening, although a little pricey. There is something about watching the real ocean creatures go about their lives as you eat dinner that is captivating. I really do think the Hilton group have come up trumps at Rangali.

The one danger is that you might bump into Peter Andre and Jordan who are known to have visited Rangali in the past.

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