Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes Town is one of two UNESCO world heritage sites on the island (the other being Lindos).



Rhodes Town was built as a new development in 408 BC by the people of Ialyssos, Kamiros and Lindos as an administrative centre for the island.

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In 293 BC the town became host to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world when The Colossus of Rhodes was erected near Mandraki Harbour. It stood as a lighthouse for 66 years until an earthquake destroyed the town and the Colossus


Rhodes was rebuilt only to be sacked and destroyed once more 185 years later by an invading Roman Army. After the Romans many succeeding armies fought over the island and each has left its stamp on Rhodes Town. Crusader fortresses jostle with turkish bathhouses and moorish mosques, italianate balconies and english styled mansions. It is this eclectic mix that makes Rhodes (Rhodos, Rodos or Rodoz to the locals) so special. All Rhodes Town is still a bustling and vibrant place, and the old town is the most lively section.

Rhodes Old Town

The old town is a maze of medieval streets encircled by high stone walls. The castle of the Knights of St John has 10 massive gates, leading you in to the old town's attractions.

You can visit Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of St John plus other 'inns' of Knights of all nations on the the Street of the Knights which is still one of Rhodes Old Town's main bustling cobbled streets. This is also where you can find the Archeological Museum which features exhibits from greek antiquity through to recent times.

Shopping in Rhodes

Shopping is still the chief activity and a mass of booths line the walls of the streets offering greek luxuries and necessities of every kind. There are also lots of places to eat, but the main roads are best avoided in favor of smaller side street restaurants.

Staying in Rhodes

The old town is a great spot to stay, but if you want a beach holiday close to Rhodes town then on the south coast the resort of Kalithea is just down the road. Alternatively consider Haraki or Lindos which are a little further away.

Greek Islands are great for suntans so remeber to take sun protection with you on your holiday to Rhodes. It is nice to get a suntan but a severe burn can ruin your fun and lead to serious long term problems. They sell sun hats in Rhodes town! Remember too to have fun. Too many times you hear couples rowing when they should be enjoying their holiday.

We found a map of rhodes town useful when walking round this labyrinth.

Greece and the greek islands are one of our favourite places to visit.

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