Royal Island, Island Resort, Maldives - Reviewed

Royal Island, known locally as Horubadhoo and is one of the Maldive's premier five star resorts. Royal Island is located in Baa Atoll.

thomas cook

Review of Royal Island

Firstly you need to know that Royal Island is tiny. We paced out just 1,000 strides end to end. Going across the island was achieved in just 300 paces. However, every footstep is a treasured memory. We took our shoes off on arrival and never needed to wear footwear for the following two weeks.

The whole island is ringed by fantastic white sandy beaches and all rooms (about 150 locally styled luxury bungalows) have an uninterrupted ocean view.

Accommodation on Royal Island Maldives

The rooms were absolutely lovely. The design was tasteful wood throughout. Appropriately minimalist with the real sense of being away from it all (despite the satellite TV and email access. The air conditioning was very good and most welcome on hotter days. The indoors/outdoors bathroom was fantastic and was kept immaculate by the highly attentive cleaning staff.

Food on Royal Island Maldives

We ate in the Makana Restaurant most days and were very happy with the food on offer. The 'Spice of Asia' served local cuisine to a very high standard and there was always the cafe if you were ever peckish. The fish was all caught locally and tasted amazing.

We enjoyed massage therapy at the Health Spa and even joined in an aerobics class. However, the sea is the main attraction on Horubadhoo


Just snorkeling was enough to experience the psychedelic fish swimming in their millions just yards from our bungalow. However, the high quality Diving opportunities should not be missed.

All in all, and despite it's size Royal Island offers a fantastic and totally memorable holiday.

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