Skiing and Snowboarding Holidays

Fun in the snow all around the world.

Skiing and Snowboarding holidays are different to standard vacations. For a start, you need some specific kit.

If you are asking "what do i need to take skiing?" then here is a simple ski holiday shopping list for you:

You really don't need to buy your own skis, boots and poles. All of these can be hired at the resort. You could even hire the jacket and salopettes if you are short on cash.

Extra ski equipment

Ski Helmets

Ski helmets are gining in popularity. You can easilty end up skiing faster than you would normally cycle, so so why not protect your brain? After all, the rule of the ski slope is that you WILL wipeout at some point. For may of us that is half the fun!

GPS locators

There are now a wide variety of GPS devices targetted at skiers.Certainly not an essential piece of kit for the beginner, but they do let you do cool things like find the nearest mountaintop restaurant or bar when the hot chocolate cravings overwhelm you. You can track your progress down the mountain and most importantly find your way back when you get lost. Look out for the more rugged models and make sure the mountain data for your skiing area is available before you purchase.

Anti avalanche gear

Definitely only for those who are heading off piste and not an issue for the casual ski holdiay. There are various kinds of both electronic location devices and airbags to stop you going under in an avalanche. You wont see much of this stuff in the shops and will have to go to specialist suppliers and pay specialist prices if you are worried about avalanches.

Insurance is a must

Only a fool would go on a ski holiday without insurance. In a week on the slopes you have a 2% to 5% chance of injury. Although that will most likely be nothing more than a sprain, the medical costs when somthing goes wrong can quickly mount, especially if you need to be evacuated by helicopter from the mountainside... which is really cool... but costly!

Find out more about ski and snowboarding holidays in resorts all over the globe. There are many many resorts in countries you probably didn't realise have wintersports.

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