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A review of Sun Island Resort Maldives in one word... Paradise!

Here is a longer review of the Sun Island Resort Maldives.

Sun Island is the largest resort in the Maldives. However, don't think this means it is a big island. You can walk across sun island in about 6 or 7 minutes.



Review of Sun Island

Sun Island was truly amazing and we totally enjoyed every second of it. The maldives are incredibly beautiful and the facilities and staff were totally fantastic.

The sea plane transfer from Male is less than half an hour and a great experience. Get the free earplugs at the bar by the jetty because it is also a very loud experience. Our friends who came by boat from Male rather than flying said it took over 2 1/2 hours and was very tiring.

At Sun Island The main Maaniya restaurant offers excellent buffet meals with drinks being served by friendly waiters. For a more relaxed meal the Mekunu Bar, offers snacks and the best sunset views I have ever witnessed. There were also great Thai and the Italian restraints.

Our beach bungalow was amongst palm trees right on the edge of the beach. Totally astounding to wake up and look out onto the ocean every day. We saw dolphins most mornings.

We thought that the Little Mermaid dive school (despite the naff name) had very high standards and a very friendly and professional staff. Needless to say the diving itself was world class.

During the day we swam, went diving, read books, chatted and relaxed in the sun. At night we partied and partied. It is a great location but although Sun Island is apparently the largest resort in the Maldives it did feel a little cramped at times. You cannot exactly go on a long hike into the mountains here. The land never rises higher than a couple of feet above sea level and the island can be walked from end to end in less than 10 minutes.

At night we partied hard on Sun Island. Tropical cocktails taste great on the beach and since we were on all inclusive, the beer was free. That is pretty much my definition of the ideal holiday.

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