Taj Exotica, Maldives - Review

The Taj Exotica is a resort worthy of all five stars.

Emboodhu Finolhu island where the Taj Exotica five star resort is located takes agood half hour by noisy seaplane to get to. Our first sense was that we were definitely 'not in Kansas any more'. From the air you get a great view of the islands as you fly over and a sense of the isolation of this corner of the indian ocean.



Review of the Taj Exotica

The highlights of our beach villa was the open-air bathroom. This was open from above but unless a neighbour climbed a coconut palm, there was no danger of being seen in the shower. On the other side of the bungalow, facing the ocean was a great shaded verandah with our own hammock. This was turning out to be a true 'just like in the brochure' venue. One of the problems with some holidays is that you get there to find the next hotel along is being rebuilt. Well at the Taj the next hotel is probably 20 miles away and there is no land between it and you, so there is no danger of the place being spoiled (except for global warming which threatens all the maldives. The staff told me that no point on Emboodhu is higher than a meter above the ground so a rising sea level is a real concern. Needless to say the Taj Exotica has been built with conservation in mind and no waste from our holiday ends up in the ocean.

Facilities at the Taj Exotica resort

Slouch your holiday away in absolutely superb luxury.You can begin to unwind with the most lovely shorelines being the only things begging for your attention. Then dive from orange tinted islands into the deep cerulean oceans.

The staff were excellent and the food was perfect. I really cannot find anything bad to say about this adventure, apart from the 10 hour flight from Britain which is a long slog to be endured rather than enjoyed. If you are over six foot tall, make sure you get decent legroom. Be on the lookout for good maldives deals when you are thinking about a vacation at the taj exotica.There are some bargains to be had.

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