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Two Centre Holiday

thomas cook

Why stay in one place? Two centre holidays can be twice as good.

Two centre or milti-centre holidays have been around for a while.

Particularly good for people with slightly longer to spend on vacation, a two centre approach allows you to combine different styles of break together into one travel package.

One well travelled route is a week on the beach in the maldives followed by a week sightseeing in Sri Lanka.

However two centre holidays also work on a smaller scale. A weekend in London and a few days in Paris can be a great northern european break.

In north American the travel industry has been offering the west coast dream of skiing in the morning and beach in the afternoon, but in reality, this is too much for most people. However, when we change it to a week skiing followed by a weak on the beach, a 2 centre west coast vacation starts to look mighty tempting.

Benefits of a two centre holiday?

Most vacations are taken with a partner, so there is always an element of compromise over the location and activities we choose. By having 2 seperate locations you can both experience the particular holiday you would have chosen if you were going alone.

Downsides of a two centre holiday

If you each choose a different location and combnine them there are a couple of potential pitfalls. Firstly there is a combative element. You don't want to come home with your partner saying 'my choice was better than yours' so it is important that you both see both locations as a jointly agreed choice, no matter who originally sugggested them.

Secondly, you are adding a potentially large chunk of travel in the middle of your vacation, with all the stresses that travelling can entail. Think carefully about how this might impact the whole holiday experience. Of course it goes without saying that the costs of a two centre holiday will be a little more than a single centre one, so bare this in mind from the outset.

If you decide that a 2-centre vacation is what you are looking for, I hope you have a fabulous time.

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