Vacation Review Websites

Other People are our greatest source of information

The best thing about the web is that there is so much information available. When looking for a holiday destination, a travel company or a vacation hotel, there is sometimes too much info.

Holiday Review websites allow real people to post their own opinions about vacation spots.

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The value of a vacation review is that it gives you a point of view other than the once provided by the resort owners.

Here are some review sites we like:

Real Vacation Reviews

This site covers the globe, with good european coverage although the far east is ill served.

Trip Advisor

The old man of review sites. Lots of pages sometimes mask a poor signal to noise ratio

The Maldives Review

Each Maldive vacation spot gets rated and anyone can add coments

Greek Island Review

The greek isles reviewed by visitors- but why just the islands? Mainland greece is good too.

England for All

Where to go and what to see in 'merrie olde England'.

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