Vadoo, Maldives - Review

Five star luxury Maldives getaway on Vadoo.

Vadoo Island Resort is only 5 miles away from the airport, a big plus after a long flight. A sleek speed boat got us there in about 10 minutes.

vadooVadoo is one of the smallest resorts in Maldives so you can be assured of excellent personal attention from the staff. The team on Vadoo really were wonderful, combining friendlinees with unobtrusive service.

The rooms at Vadoo were high quality five star luxury, exactly as we had been promised. Choose the Water Bungalows if you are going to vadoo; they are so much more fun.



The diving on the island itself was great, with Vadoo boasting an exciting house reef. However, the noise of the occassional airplane interupted our relaxation on more than one occassion.

We were actually underwater at one point looking at a sweetlips grouper when a rumbling noise unlike anything I have ever heard literally shook the ocean. We both surfaced in panic, another tidal wave? earthquake? Bomb? It turned out to be a particularly low flying jet.

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