Vakarufalhi Island Resort, Maldives - Reviewed

Vakarufalhi Island Resort is a great holiday destination with some astounding sea life.



My review of Vakarufalhi

By Jim Evans - updated 2007

Getting to Vakarufalhi

We took a very long speedboat ride from Hulhule International Airport which was hard work. The constant punding of the waves and the noise of the big engines made it a hard trip when we were already exhausted from a 14 hour flight.

Usually, weather permitting they fly you to Vakarufalhi in under half an hour. What awaits you is a very small almost completely circular island with a long jetty at either side of the island jutting out into amazing light blue waters. Vakarufalhi from the air is nothing but a jungle of trees. I was sure they had the wrong island because i couldn't see any houses or open spaces.

Facilities on Vakarufalhi

Well, they didn't have the wrong island, and they have managed to squeeze chalets between the trees for the guests. Vakarufalhi is an intimate little island just 250 meters across. This meant that you are never far from the facilities.

The room was thankfully air-conditioned, and although decorated in 'traditional' style it had all the mod cons. The bathroom was particularly nice and the shower ot a lot of use washing off the sea salt.

There are no mosquito nets because there are no mosquitos on Vakarufalhi. Apparentl there is no standing fresh water and therefore nowhere for them to breed. This is a real advantage of coming to the maldives.

sweetlips fish on the house reef at Vakarufalhi The diving was the main reason for choosing Vakarufalhi.The list of underwater sealife was huge. Parrotfish, Sea Turtle, Stingrays, Manta Rays, Reef Shark, Porpoises, Sweetlips, Damselfish, and all the usual suspects of the Indian Ocean are there. The turtles were most inquisitive which is not something I have encountered before. Visibility was a constant 20-30 metres and the water was warm enough for just a shortie wetsuit all week.

The Padi dive centre staff organised trips out to various reefs, but Vakarufalhi's house reef, just 40 metres from my bungalow offered all the sea life I could wish for.

The island itself is small and this will impact on what you can do. There really is very little laid on in the way of activities and some people who were used to package holidays with plenty of excursions found this a problem. I enjoyed the time we had to ourselves on Vakarufalhi.


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