Velidhu, Maldives - Reviewed

Velidhu Island

Velidhu Island is one of the smaller island resorts in the Maldives chain. There are just 80 rooms on Velidhu Island's 19 acres in the North Ari Atol, a twenty minute seaplane ride from Male international airport.



Velidhu is rated as superior medium class which roughly equates to 4+ star. Velidhu's accomodation comprises lovely thatched huts with good air conditioning and all are just yards from the stunning beaches that surround the island. There are also a few water bungalows which benefit from slightly better facilities but more importantly, a glass floor area so you can watch the sealife underneath the bungalow, and a private balcony from which you can jump directly into the ocean every morning.

Visitors to Velidhu should all choose the All Inclusive package. This includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plus soft and alcoholic drinks. There is reasonable wine served at dinner, but at other times you may have to pay extra if you want wine.

Velidhu has great snorkelling on the house reef which seems to be slightly less effected by the serious bleaching caused by warmer seas a few years ago. For this reason we are happy to report that there is plenty to see below the surface, particularly on the reefs to the south of Velidhu island.

manta at velidhu islandVelidhu has reef sharks, rays, turtles and octopus as frequent visitors so during your stay on Velidhu you will become a bit of an expert on sea life. My tip is to learn about the smaller inhabitants of the reef. Some of them have fascinating lifestyles. Bring something to wear on your feet while in the water. Although the chances of stepping on something other than a sea slug are tiny, once you have snorkelled Velidhu and seen the creatures you could potentially tread on, you will want to have a pair of rubber sandals on.

Velidhu is really a special place and the staff care about it too. We were so impressed with their attitude to everything and the friendly way they treated everyone. They made special efforts to make every visitor to Velidhu feel fully included.

In short, Velidhu is pretty much a little piece of paradise on earth.

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